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The Mass Spectrometry Facility operates 4 OrbiTrap Exploris 480 mass spectrometer (ThermoFisher), which are used to analyze the major part of the submitted samples. This mass spectrometer uses a high-capacity transfer tube for maximum ion loading, an electrodynamic ion funnel that accommodates and transmits ions over a broader mass range, and a high-field Orbitrap mass analyzer with a resolution of 480000 (FWHM) at m/z 200. The Advanced Peak Determination (APD) algorithm significantly increases the number of precursors available for data-dependent analysis, which in turn results in more MS/MS spectra, and peptide identifications.
Most importantly, the FAIMS-PRO device adds a new dimension of selectivity. The application of FAIMS leads to a reduction of chemical noise, leading to better signal to noise ratios. The interval of instrument cleaning is so far minimum 6-month period. FAIMS-PRO device will be cleaned in a interval of 3 weeks.

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Karl Mechtler

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Karl Mechtler
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