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The powder diffractometer in vertical theta/theta geometry is mainly used for microdiffraction applications with beam sizes down to 100 micrometer. The instrument provides a parallel beam geometry for stress/strain and texture analysis. A large 2-dimensional detector allows very fast measurements due to the large angle range accessible with one shot. The instrument runs routinely with a microfocus X-ray tube with a Cu anode. For monochromatization of the beam a mirror optic is used.

Contact Person

Dr. Klaudia Hradil

Research Services

The X-ray center of the TU Wien (XRC) offers services for X-ray diffraction measurements, phase analysis and stress/texture analysis of crystalline materials mainly for institutes and employees of the TU Wien, respectively. Instituts outside the TU Wien can place an order for analysis within research cooperations with the XRC. On a limited scale also orders from a third part can be accepted. Quotation for a Measurement:

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Analysis of residual stress and texture in inorganic crystalline materials; local phase analysis of cultural heritage art works and technical materials (e.g. corrosion analysis)

Performing of measurements by external people only possible in exceptional cases. Please contact the X-ray center for more information (
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