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Short Description

The electron probe micro analyzer offers well established analysis and imaging methods for the investigation of a large variety of solid samples (rocks, minerals, meteorites, fossils, artifacts) on the base of their characteristic X-ray and electron emissions. The instrument works with a field emission cathode and is equipped with five wavelength-dispersive spectrometers (WDS) and two energy-dispersive spectrometry (EDS) detectors. Elements from Be to U can routinely be analyzed down to 0.01 wt% concentrations (in some cases even below 100 ppm) and at a lateral resolution in the sub-micrometer range. Beside qualitative and quantitative spot analyses with WDS and EDS, the instrument offers also the opportunity to perform element distribution maps, which provide insights into the homogeneity or zoning of the samples. The integration of special image and analysis software packages combined with the fully automated state-of-the-art instrument offer to the user unique analytical possibilities. To obtain the best results, the sample surface must be polished and, in the case of non-conductive materials, coated with a thin layer of carbon, to minimize electrostatic charges. For this, a complete thin section and mount preparation, as well as a LEICA EM SCD 500 for carbon and platinum sputtering are available.

Contact Person

Dr. Wencke Wegner

Research Services

Scientific and commercial use of the device is possible by arrangement, specifying project details, questions and number of samples, etc. Inquiries to: Mikrosonde@nhm-wien.ac.at

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Chemical analysis and imaging of minerals and glasses in the field of geosciences (geology, mineralogy, petrology)

Allocation to Core Facility

Zentrale Forschungslaboratorien

Dr. Wencke Wegner
Zentrale Forschungslaboratorien
+43 1 52177-630
The terms of use are specially tailored to each project and can be requested from Mikrosonde@nhm-wien.ac.at.