Milling machine Fehlmann Picomax 56 TOP A

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Milling machine Fehlmann Picomax 56 TOP

The precision milling and drilling machine PICOMAX 56 TOP (Touch Or Program™) is equipped with an entirely new operating concept, combining both CNC controlled 3-axis machining as well as manual operation using a drilling lever and handwheels.

•X Axes Travel 500mm
•Y Axes Travel 400mm
•Z Axes Travel 400 mm
•Clamping Surface L x W: 908 x 480 mm
•Distance between table and spindle nose: 120 - 520 mm
•Drive Power S6 (40% ED): 9.5 kW
•Speed: 50 - 12000 rpm
•Magazin Pockets: 20
•Control: Heidenhain TNC 620

Contact Person

Todor Asenov

Research Services


Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The milling machine is used for production of high precision parts and equipment for the research needs of the Biology and Physics groups.

Allocation to Core Facility


Terms of use will be defined in a scientific collaboration agreement.