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Short Description

The motion capture system contains of 11 cameras of the type Oqus and 8 cameras of the type Miqus (Qualisys, Göteborg, Schweden).
The system enables the simultaneous measurement and analysis of kinemtic data via marker, which are placed on the participant or the object of interest.
Mostly simulataneous capturing of force plate and/or electromyographic data.
A measurement computer is assigned to this systems.
The cameras of type Oqus can be used indoor and outdoor, the cameras of type Miqus only indoor.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Hermann Schwameder

Research Services

Applied Sports Biomechanics
Biomechanics and Sports Equipment
Health and Injury-related biomechanics

Alpine Skiing and Sijumping Biomechanics
Cycling Biomechanics
Gait Biomechanics
Running Biomechanics
Strength and contidioning Biomechanics

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Data collection and data analysis regarding movement and loading structures (kinematics) via Qualisys, mostly in connection with kinetic und electromyografic data collection and analysis.
This is the basis of biomechanical modelling.

Allocation to Core Facility

Motion Analysis

Prof. Dr. Hermann Schwameder
Interfakultärer Fachbereich für Sport- und Bewegungswissenschaft
0043 662 8044 4859
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Fa. Qualisys, Göteborg, Schweden
German Sport University Cologne, Germany
Fa. C-motion, Inc. Rockville, MD, USA
Fa. Adidas, Herzogenaurach, Germany
University of Limerick, Ireland
Paracelsus Medical University Salzburg
Effekte von Laufschuhen und Trekkingschuhen auf das Bewegungsverhalten und Gelenkbelastungen
Hermann Schwameder, Josef Kröll, Julia Lindorfer, Gerda Strutzenberger
Fa. Adidas, Germany
Weblink zum Referenzprojekt.

Gait on Slopes (GoS) and applications (Prosthetic Design, ACL-injury, elderly, osteoarthritis)
Hermann Schwameder, Nathalie Alexander, Gerda Strutzenberger, Julia Lindorfer
internes Projekt

Force-Velocity-Profiling in diverse sports
2016 ongoing
Josef Kröll, Julian Fritz, Hermann Schwameder
internes Projekt

2017 ongoing
Hermann Schwameder, Thomas Stöggl, Josef Kröll, Julian Fritz, Julia Lindorfer
State of Salzburg, Research & Development

Digital Motion in Sports, Fitness and Well-being
Hermann Schwameder, Thomas Stöggl, Günter Amesberger, Josef Kröll, Julian Fritz

Accelerated Wear Test
Hermann Schwameder, Julian Fritz, Martin Seiser, Josef Kröll
Fa. Adidas, Germany
Influence of body segment parameter estimation on calculated ground reaction forces in highly dynamic movements
Fritz, J., Kröll, J., Lindorfer, J., Schwameder, H.
Journal of Biomechanics

Muscle force estimation in clinical gait analysis using AnyBody and OpenSim
Trinler, U., Alexander, N., Schwameder, H., Baker, R.
Journal of Biomechanics

Influence of ankle’s degree of freedom on muscle force estimation in different simulation environments
Trinler, U., Alexander, N., Schwameder, H., Baker, R.
Gait & Posture

Joint moments during downhill and uphill walking of a transfemoral amputee with a hydraulic articulating and a rigid prosthetic ankle - a case study
in press
Alexander N., Strutzenberger G., Kroell J., Barnett C., Schwameder H.
Journal of Prosthetics and Orthotics

RegentK and Physiotherapy Improve Knee Function after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Rupture without Surgery after 1 Year – A Randomized Controlled Trial
Ofner M. , Kastner A., Schwarzl G., Schwameder H., Alexander N., Strutzenberger G., Walach, H.
Complementary Medicine Research

Uphill walking: Biomechanical demand on the lower extremity of obese adolescents
Strutzenberger G., Alexander N., Bamboschek D., Claas E., Langhof H., Schwameder H.
Gait & Posture

RegentK Improves the Gait Mechanics of Patients with Acute Anterior Curciate Ligament Rupture Immediately after Application: Clinical Trial
Ofner M., Strutzenberger G., Alexander N., Kastner A. Schwameder H.
Complementary Medicine Research

Lower limb joint work and joint work contribution during downhill and uphill walking at different inclinations Journal of Biomechanics
Alexander N., Strutzenberger G., Ameshofer L., Schwameder H.
Journal of Biomechanics