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Short Description

Multiphoton microscope with integrated laser (fixed wavelength at 920nm and/or 1040nm or alternatively tunable wavelength from 740nm to 960nm plus 1040nm)
Freely adjustable scan head (upright, inverted, horizontal or any angle in between), which is interesting for brain imaging and plant growth imaging.
With motorized XYZ-Stage at scan-head or at the sample holder. Up to four detectors for 2-Photon, SHG imaging (THG or 3-Photon on request). Resonant-Galvo and Galvo-Galvo-Scanning.
Large area available under the microscope for complicated live animal imaging (e.g. mouse cages or zebrafish tanks).
Best fluorescence detection though large detection angle and 2" Optics.

Contact Person

Alexander Lang

Research Services

Imaging Service for the Multiphoton Microscope, Training, Imaging Consulting, Rental of Microscope

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The scientists of Prospective Instruments have deep knowledge of the microscopes in our facility as all the microscopes were built by themselves and in most cases the systems are also designed in house.
A broad range of experiment were conducted with or without external research partners. To find out more about conducted projects, please visit our website:

Allocation to Core Facility

Advanced Imaging Facility

Currently the microscope of our imaging facility are operated by our R&D scientist. Please contact Alex Lang below. He will put you in touch with the right specialist.
Alexander Lang
+43 5572 206 456
Please contact us for the terms of use.