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The rapifleX MALDI mass spectrometer is a high resolution time-of-flight mass spectrometer that enables fast and reliable analysis and imaging of lipids, proteins and peptides from biological samples. Furthermore, Rapiflex can be used for detecting and analyzing binding sites of active substances in tissue by applying the imaging approach.
The instrument can acquire up to 40 true pixels/second and deliver faster and better images as compared to other MALDI-ToF instruments. A smartbeam™ 3D laser is used for improved pixel-to-pixel reproducibility and the ion source design enables for increased robustness an less background in mass spectra.
The instrument enables high data acquisition speeds, and the very important high spatial resolution capabilities for clear imaging with high mass resolving power.
Another important technical detail is the use of the smartbeam™ 3D laser. This laser features a diameter of 5µm. and it can move independently from the sample stage. Therefore, it is possible to scan the full area of each pixel and generate truly square pixels, which utilizes the complete available sample area and results with maximum sensitivity and excellent pixel-to-pixel reproducibility.

Contact Person

Goran Mitulović

Research Services

MALDI analysis and identification of lipids, peptides, and proteins. MALDI Imaging of tissue samples.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The Proteomics Core Facilities provides expertise in sample preparation and analysis for both classical MALDI and MALDi Imaging analysis.

Allocation to Core Facility

Core Facility Proteomics

Goran Mitulović ist der Leiter der Proteomics Core Facility und Verantwortlicher für die Geräte in der Core Facility.
Goran Mitulović
Proteomics Core Facility
Please contact the Proteomics Core Facility for project planning.