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The “Cooperative Regional Research Infrastructure for Molecular Science and Technology” (RERI-uasb) project established the first Austro–Czech Scientific Research Center in 2011. Since September 2011 three superconducting magnets with field strengths of 7.0 T, 11.7 T and 16.4 T and a variety of probes are operating at the Institute of Organic Chemistry at JKU Linz. They are available and used for research and teaching by both universities and collaboration partners. The NMR Center was co-financed with the European Union from the European Region Development Fund and operated jointly by both universities.

Contact Person

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Waser

Research Services

NMR spectrometers

Basic and advanced NMR training

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Chemical structural analysis of solutions


Univ.-Prof. Dr. Mario Waser
Institut für Organische Chemie
+43 732 2468 5411

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Frans Mulder
Institut für Biochemie
+43 732 2468 9300
Upon appointment, for information, JKU website
University of South Bohemia, CZ
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I. of analytical chemistry
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I. of biophysics
I. of chemical technology of organic materials
I. of chemical technology of inorganic materials
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