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Research Studio Data Science (DSc) is an R&D initiative for innovation and applied research that accelerates the development, deployment and adoption of Data Analytics and Data Science technology and relevant innovations.

In order to remain competitive in increasingly complex and global markets and deal with increasing complex system issues, it is becoming indispensable for companies and actors in all sectors of the economy and society to take advantage of key insights that can be gained through the analysis of data that they routinely collect and – if feasible – relate it to other data which are publically available (open data) or can be readily obtained from providers (national statistics). Enterprises and public administrations are already using such insights to lower costs and improve their overall efficiency.

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Mihai Lupu, PhD

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Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Advanced research on improving methodologies and tools for Data Science for specific business and social domains; Designing scientifically rigorous approaches for obtaining clear and plausible insights from data analytics; Developing innovative Data Science-based solutions to company and societal problems implemented in prototypes; Consulting on using Data Science to gain insights based on the analysis of existing data and the collection of new data.

Mihai Lupu, PhD
Operativer Studioleiter Data Science
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