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The "Salzburg Music and Migration Collections" include the estates of well-known artists such as Milein Cosman, Kurt Eulenburg, Kate and Hans Walter Freyhan, Hilde Föda, Georg Kirsta, Engel Lund, Ferdinand Rauter and Nico Dostal.
In addition the estates of Fred Raymond, Bernhard Paumgartner, Wilhelm Backhaus, Jan Brandts-Buys and Richard Moder are kept at the Department of Music and Dance Studies of the Salzburg University. Furthermore there are the partial estates of Alfred Orel and Otto Erich Deutsch.

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Prof. Dr. Nils Grosch

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The "Salzburg Music and Migration Collections" are combined in an archive of the department of music and dance studies at the Salzburg University. On the one hand this archive provides the scientific community with the estates of known Austrian artists for research purposes. On the other hand the archive also committed its work to analyzing migration in a musicological context since 2014.
The aim of this initiative is to promote the estates of famous austrian artists.Since the "Salzburg Music and Migration Collections" are attached to the department of musicology at the Salzburg University, researchers get the opportunity to work directly with the estates. Based on new scientific evidence the research and teaching activities can directly related to the new scientific approach. Prof. Dr. Nils Grosch has dedicated himself, amongst other things, to the research focus of artistic migration based on the music of the 19.-21. century.

Prof. Dr. Nils Grosch
Fachbereich Kunst-, Musik- und Tanzwissenschaften
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Dokumente zu Musik und Migration aus Salzburger Sammlungen
Nils Grosch [Hrsg.]
Artbook Verlag Salzburg
ISBN 978-3-903078-10-9

Musik und Migration
Wolfgang Gratzer [Hrsg.] und Nils Grosch [Hrsg.]
Waxmann Verlag

"Movilidad cultural, exilio y el desafío para la musicología". In: Ensayos: Historia y Teoría del Arte, Volumen 22, Número 34, p. 39-57
Nils Grosch
Open access:

Musik und Migration: Ein Theorie- und Methodenhandbuch
Wolfgang Gratzer [Hrsg.] Nils Grosch [Hrsg.]