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These are 51 slide cabinets with capacities ranging from 4,000 to 12,000 units, slide projectors and viewing devices, and a PC workstation for administrative tasks and labeling. The slides are arranged according to epochs, genres and artists. Monuments and architecture are arranged as far as possible according to artists names, otherwise topographically. In addition, there is a collection that is organized according to iconographic motives. Each slide is labeled accordingly.

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Prof. Dr. Renate Prochno-Schinkel

Research Services

Research on the historical perception of works of art and architecture
Researching a part of educational history
Researching the teaching of art history at universities
Research on a canon of art history
Slide collection, historical photographs of artworks and architecture

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The slice library serves both research and teaching. The slide library provides image material that is sometimes no longer available in other forms. In addition, the collection is constantly expanded and supplemented by the incorporation of donations. The slides are valuable testimonies of art history as they document the history of the perception of art. In addition, some of the works or their state of preservation is better preserved in slides and sometimes even in better optical quality than in digital copies. At the same time, the slide collection is a testimony to the collection of images of art. The selection of artworks also reflects the history of the doctrine, it is a part of the history of taste, and thus an important source for the study of the history of education. Even the labels of the slides are part of this documentary, this piece of cultural history.

Prof. Dr. Renate Prochno-Schinkel
Fachbereich Kunst-, Musik und Tanzwissenschaft
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