Spinning Disk microscope: CSU-W1-02

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Short Description

The Nikon CSU W1-02 spinning disk microscope is an large Field Of View (17 x 16 mm) Spinning Disk microscope. The dual disk configuration provides flexibility in optimized image acquisition of samples varying sample size, for which the piezo stage provides fast and precise imaging of 3D stacks. The automated water immersion system allows prolonged and combined live imaging experiments. In the relatively near future, this system will be equipped with a micro-manipulator for a (1-sided) pipette aspiration setup.

Contact Person

Gabriel Krens

Research Services

Laser lines 405, 488, 561, 640 nm
2 x sCMOS
Multiple position imaging
Micro-manipulators for dual pipette aspiration assay
Automated feedback microscopy options

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Biological and soft matter physics
pipette aspiration

Allocation to Core Facility

Imaging Facility

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