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The Archives of Contemporary Arts - A Collection of Literary Estates is dedicated to the collection of pre-mortem bequests and post-mortem estates of outstanding artists. The collection was founded in 2010 and focuses on the areas of music, literature, film and architecture. In addition to the archival tasks of preservation, preparation and presentation of the collections, the activity of the archive includes the conception and execution of research projects and scientific conferences, as well as its own publications.

As a facility of the provincial government of Lower Austria, the Archive of Contemporary Arts – A Collection of Literary Estates is affiliated with the Faculty of Education, Arts and Architecture of the Danube University Krems.

Contact Person

Reinhard Widerin

Research Services

If you would like to visit the Archives of Contemporary Arts, please make an appointment – which is also possible on short notice. Our facilities offer complete work spaces with PCs and Internet access, competent scientific staff will support you in your material search.
Parts of the collection of the Archive of Contemporary Arts have already been registered in the Austrian Union Catalogue of Bequests, Autographs and Manuscripts (ÖVK-NAH). Digitalised materials of the collection (including audio-visual media) can be transmitted in digital format. We also gladly accept research requests.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The scientific staff of the Archives of the Contemporariy Arts will gladly assist you with research, material search and scientific questions in the areas of music, literature, film and architecture.

Archiv der Zeitgenossen
Reinhard Widerin
+43 2732 893 2581
The publications in the scientific article series “Archive of Contemporary Arts” are dedicated to the processing of the in-house collections, analysis of the works of the artists represented in the Archive of Contemporary Arts, as well as thematically related research areas.