TIRF / FRAP microscope (Visitron)

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Short Description

TIRF / FRAP microscope (Visitron)

Contact Person

Gabriel Krens

Research Services

Automated TIRF/Epifluorescence microscope
iLAS2 ring-TIRF
TIRF objectives 63x/1.4 oil, 100x/1.4 oil
laser lines 405, 488, 561, 640
Lumencor SpectraX engine for epifluorescence imaging
Equipped with FRAP module for simultaneous and sequential bleaching (405 nm)
Equipped with climatised chamber- temperature control, CO2 supply
DIC imaging

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

TIRF microscopy, basic training, sample preparation consulting

Allocation to Core Facility

Imaging Facility

Terms of use will be defined in a scientific collaboration agreement.