TSQ Vantage Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS

University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences Vienna (BOKU)


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Short Description

TSQ Vantage Triple Quadrupole LC-MS/MS. Thermo Fisher Scientific GmbH. Obtained 2012.
The system consists of a 1200 bar Accela HPLC System for ultra-fast separations, electrospray or atmospheric pressure chemical ionization ion source options and a fast scanning MS/MS.

Contact Person

Stephan Hann

Research Services

• Highly accurate, targeted quantification of metabolites in biotechnological and biological samples based on stable isotope internal standardization
• Non-targeted (differential) metabolomics workflows
• Determination of isotopologue and tandem mass isotopomer fractions for metabolic flux analysis
• Environmental analysis (e.g. non-target pollutant screening and tracing, exposomics)
• Method development expertise for mass spectrometry-based analysis in metabolomics and environmental analysis
• Scientific support for all stages of analytical study design, method planning and execution

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Liquid chromatography combined with tandem mass spectrometry offers sensitive, fast and robust quantification of a variety of molecule types. The system also allows the determination of isotopologues and isotopomer ratios in metabolic flux analysis. This system is ideal for compound quantification using multiple reaction monitoring covering concentrations over six orders of magnitude.

Allocation to Core Facility

Mass Spectrometry

Stephan Hann
Institut für analytische Chemie
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