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Short Description

Laser Scanning Microscope
- Combined laser light and white light microscopy
- Violet semiconductor laser (408 nm wavelength)
(more than 3 million measurement points in each level)
- 16 bit PMT color CCD image sensor, picture resolution 3072 x 2304

- Total magnification: up to 28,000x
- Lenses 10 -150x (standard and long working distance lenses)
- XY image composition module (positioning stage 100 x 100 mm)
- Max. sample height 128 mm
- Height resolution: 0.5 nm
- Max. sample weight in motorized operation: 5 kg

- 3D surface topography down to submicron range
- Combined measurement of optical impression and surface structure
- Surface roughness measurements (DIN EN ISO)
- Profile, geometry and volume measurements
- Count and area measurements
- Generation of CAD 3D data (step, acs)

Contact Person

Alexander Diem

Research Services

Industrial Research
- Analysis, characterization and functionalization of surfaces

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

After consultation with interested parties / customers / companies

Alexander Diem
Tribo Design
+43 5572 394159 DW 13
After consultation with interested parties / customers / companies