Wechselspannungs-Bausteinsystem WBS 11/200 TE

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The AC voltage module of the company HighVolt is a test system to perform high voltage tests. The AC voltage module consists of a cascaded transformer incl. capacitive voltage divider, as well as a rectification unit for the generation of DC voltage. In addition, the system includes a data acquisition unit consisting of an industrial PC (=IPC) which communicates with a transient recorder (HIRES). On the IPC the software packages are installed, which allow a secure communication with the HIRES system and an immediate data analysis of the tests. Ready-made test protocols are created with the software programs.
The AC voltage transformer can generate up to 200kV AC voltage. With the help of the rectifier unit it is possible to rectify this AC voltage and generate a high voltage DC voltage. Thus, up to 280 kV can be generated.
With the help of the equipment high voltage effects as they occur in a 110 kV network can be simulated and also tested. Due to the new trend in power electronics, DC voltage technology is becoming more and more interesting, which is why many new approaches are being investigated here.
The equipment is located in a Faraday cage, which is required for shielding against electro-magnetic waves. This ensures a safe working environment. Due to the shielding it is also possible to make partial discharge measurements, tan-delta measurements, etc.

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Zeller Peter

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Partial discharge measurement of insulators, high voltage cables
Pressure tests (vacuum and pressure)

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Surface break down of polluted Medium Voltage DC insulators in Air
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FFG Project
Dr. Zeller Peter, Christoph Diendorfer MSc. BSc.