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Core facility (CF)

Short Description

Main focus of the Core Facility "AGES-Electron Microscopy" at the AGES-Institute for veterinary disease control Mödling, Department of Pathology Center East is the rapid identification of pathogens - mainly of viruses and phages - of infectious diseases by pattern recognition. We support different divisions of the AGES (animal health, public health, food security and food safety) by providing our technology. The Core Facility "AGES Electron Microscopy" is integrated into the routine diagnostic as well as in the applied research of the AGES. Diagnostic activity is performed for public but also for official purposes. Our research and diagnostic activities are based on many years of experience, professional competence and versatility.

The Core Facility (Laboratory BSL 2) is equipped with various large-scale facilities:

1) Transmission electron microscope (Zeiss 906)
2) Scanning electron microscope (XL-20 from FEI),
3) Fluorescence microscope (Nikon Labophot-2),
4) Ultramicrotome (Reichert Ultracut S),
5) Airfuge from Beckman,
6) Embedding machine (Leica EM TP),
7) Sputtering coater (Balzers SCD 050),
8) Critical point dryer (Balzers CPD 030),
9) Class II Safety cabinets

Contact Person

Dr. Susanne Richter

Research Services

Veterinary medicine
Human medicine
Plant health
Biomedicine (analyses of cell cultures and media for virus content)

Research services and orders for diagnostic purposes only after consultation
You are interested in a cooperation - please contact Susanne Richter (

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

All methods used at the core facility are performed under quality controlled conditions. The EM lab of the AGES is accredited in virus diagnosis since 1999. Consequently, within the scope of accreditation in line with EN ISO/IEC 17025 internationally standardised requirements have been placed on the lab, both with regard to its quality management system and to its technical expertise as a unit made up of staff, methodology and equipment, all of which are subject to regular checks and external audits. Since 1995, the lab is participating regularly in tring trials for quality assurance.
The laboratory is listed in the international CDC-list of EM laboratories for "Rapid diagnosis of Emerging Infectious Agents". It is part of the Austrian National Reference Laboratory for notifiable animal diseases in Mödling. The head of the EM-laboratory is the contact person for the NRL Lumpy Skin disease, the NRL Sheep- and Goatpox and for EM diagnostics of the Austrian Emergency plan for human pox diseases.

Methods used for diagnosis and applied research:

1. Electron microscopic pathogen diagnosis with main focus on rapid virus detection:
Material: animal and human suspensions from faeces, intestinal contents, cerebrospinal fluid, urine, fluid from pustules, blood / serum, in special cases also from tissue, from plants and plant products, from cell and bacterial cultures and from solutions for cell culture
Negative staining methods: standard droplet preparation, IEM, ISEM, use of chemical enrichment methods, viral purification by means of ultracentrifugation, interpretation and statistical evaluation of data, image processing by means of an image analysis system

2. Pathogen diagnosis in animal and human tissue:
Methods: chemical fixation, (rapid) embedding in various resins, semi- and ultrathin sectioning, interpretation and statistical evaluation of data, image processing by image analysis system

3. Scanning electron microscope preparation of corresponding objects for the detection of microbial organisms (fungi, bacteria) and for the size analysis of specific inorganic tissue (for example crystalline substances): chemical fixation, chemical drying and critical point drying, gold coating, image processing by means of image analysis system

4. Size measurements of nanoparticles within smaller research projects

Dr. Susanne Richter
AGES - Inst. für Veterinärmedizinische Untersuchungen Mödling, Geschäftsfeld Tiergesundheit
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