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The µCT Graz consortium consists of 13 institutes from 3 Universities in Graz (TU Graz, University of Graz, Medical University Graz). With a grant from the FFG infrastructure program it was possible to buy 2 µCT machines. The TESCAN UniTOM HR micro-CT-System enables µCT measurements with a resolution down to about 0.8 µm in 3D from almost any material. The machine was designed by the manufacturer to enable in situ measurements. The sample can go from a few millimeters up to 70 cm high and 550 mm in diameter at a maximum weight of 45 kg.

One can measure a wide range of samples from paper via drugs to concrete and 3D printed metals to investigate the inner structure of these materials. Here one can for example visualize pore structures and then one can get quantitative data from the 3D images. The consortium is very diverse in terms of it interest into materials and research questions enabling different cooperation with in and outside of the consortium. Specially cooperation to design and to build in situ stages is possible.

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Robert Schennach

Research Services

One can do µCT measurements for different samples and different questions anytime. One can either just get the raw data of the measurement, or optionally our specialist can do a data analysis for you.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Micro structure investigations of different materials e.g. paper, concrete, metals, 3D printed structures, geological samples, plastics, tablets, implants, electrochemical cells, composites, batteries, integrated circuits etc.

Robert Schennach
Institut für Festkörperphysik
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