Cleanroom class 5

Silicon Austria Labs GmbH (SAL)

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Short Description

Cleanroom class 5 (EN ISO 14644-1)

Level of purity: not more than 29 particles, size ≥ 5,0 µm and 832 particles size ≥ 1,0 µm per cubic meter
Air circulation: h-1: 9
Ventilation: h-1: 120
Temperature (+/- 1K): 22 °C
Humidity (+/-5%): rF%: 50 %

Contact Person

DI Heimo Müller

Research Services

Sensor element / material Analysis, micro-electro-mechanical-systems, acoustic MEMS, photonic MEMS, Heterogeneous Integration Technologies (HIT), 3D-Integration, Chip-Bonding

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Micro- Nanostructures, feasibility studies, tests, chipbonding, simulations

Allocation to Core Facility

Silicon Austria Labs GmbH

DI Heimo Müller
Business Development

Dr. Mohssen Moridi
Head of Research Unit Microsystem Technologies
The user will be supported by technical/scientific staff at the research infrastructure.

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