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The surge test system IPF 50/1000 L of the company HighVolt is a test system to make surge tests up to 1 million volts. The system consists of a Marx generator, which consists of 10 capacitors that, depending on the wiring, allows different test variants. Surge voltage tests as well as surge current tests (up to 20 kA) can be performed. A compensated capacitive voltage divider is used for the measurement.

To extend the test possibilities, a tear-off spark gap can also be added. With the help of the tear-off spark gap, the breakdown can be torn off to a defined point, which can cause additional loads on the test object.

In addition, the system includes a data acquisition unit, which consists of an industrial PC (=IPC) that communicates with a transient recorder (HIRES). On the IPC the software packages are installed, which allow a secure communication with the HIRES system and an immediate data analysis of the tests. Ready-made test protocols are created with the software programs.

The equipment can be used to simulate and test lightning strikes in transformer stations, power lines, etc.
The equipment is placed in a Faraday cage, which is required for shielding from electro-magnetic waves. This ensures safe working conditions.

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