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Core facility (CF)

Short Description

Bioinformatics is an area within the scientific field of informatics. Its goal is to lay the foundation for the administration and integration of biological data and to develop different types of analyses for this special data.
Members of the research team bioinformatics at the FH Upper Austria, Hagenberg Campus develop algorithms and intelligent software systems. These programs help experts in life sciences (medical doctors, biologists, geneticists) to analyze biomedical or molecular biological data. Furthermore, they allow the simulation of biological processes.
The research group for bioinformatics has been working on various research and development projects for years – mostly with partners from science and industry. In the course of these cooperations, numerous algorithms and methods have been developed, for example:
» algorithms for the editing and evaluation of microscopic images
» methods to identify relationship patterns of biomedical data by means of applied statistics and machine learning
» sequence analysis programs
» analysis algorithms for proteomics for protein identification

Contact Person

FH-Prof. PD DI Dr. Stephan Winkler

Research Services

» Spotty, a framework for analyzing microscopic images
» MS Amanda, an algorithm to identify peptides and proteins
» IMEX, a framework for the analysis of NGS data

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

» Automated editing and analysing of microscopic images
» Identification of relationships in biological and medical data by means of applied statistics and machine learning
» Identification of peptides and proteins in mass spectrums
» Analysis of NGS data

FH-Prof. PD DI Dr. Stephan Winkler
FH OÖ Campus Hagenberg
+43 5 0804 22720
The use of this core facility is possible within the scope of research cooperation. We kindly ask you to contact us.