Supply Chain Control Tower (Josef Ressel Center for Real-Time Value Network Visibility)

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Short Description

In the "Josef Ressel Center for Real-Time Value Network Visibility (JRC LIVE)", a generalizable supply chain visibility and control tower software is being developed. This software makes it possible to visualize and analyze large amounts of internal and external supply chain data in real time ("Big Data"). The aim of the software is to make risks and inefficiencies visible and controllable at an early stage and to make value creation networks sustainable. To ensure practical and generic applicability, the software development is based on the scientific state-of-the-art and the requirements of the company partners.

Contact Person

FH-Prof. DI(FH) Dr. Markus Gerschberger

Research Services

Provision and continuous development of software to enable the visualization and analysis of value networks in real time. The JRC LIVE test lab is located at the Eberstalzell site. This consists of a Control Tower Video Wall and mobile workstations with the objectives: Test-before-invest, training and networking.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The interdisciplinary research team combines expertise from the fields of computer science, mathematics, philosophy, economics and social sciences. The combination of methods and concepts from these disciplines enables the team to gain a comprehensive understanding of the risks in and complexity of value networks. This is necessary to enable near real-time and fact-based decision making.

FH-Prof. DI(FH) Dr. Markus Gerschberger
Fakultät für Wirtschaft und Management
+43 50804 33200
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