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Short Description

The collection of the WHB Herbarium comprises approximately 76,000 specimens (as of March 2020) of vascular plants, Charophyceae and marine macroalgae, and is recorded in an electronic database. This includes specimens associated with seedbank and ex situ collections of endangered species in Austria at the Institute of Botany.

The electronic inventory of the extensive moss collection (approx. 30,000 specimens) is in progress, that of the lichen collection (approx. 5,000 specimens) is still pending. The herbarium also houses a smaller comparative collection of seeds and a conifer cone collection. The holdings are being expanded continuously.

The focus of the collection includes:
Austria and areas of the former monarchy
Old regional flora from Vienna
Western Asia
Ruderal and Segetal flora (Austria, Southern Europe, Iran)
Nepal, Tibet
Guatemala, Mexico, Costa Rica

Contact Person

DI Nora Stoeckl

Research Services

The collection is available on request for scientific purposes.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Plant identification; Population biology and ecology of plants from the following collection areas: Austria and areas of the former monarchy, Istria, Central Europe; Nature conservation; morphological and anatomical methods; DNA analysis (sequencing, barcoding)

For inquiries about the collection or to make an appointment, please contact:
ABOL - Austrian Barcode of Life: https://www.abol.ac.at/
Botanische Staatssammlung München, Germany
Federal University of Uberlândia, Brasil
Senckenberg Research Institute and Natural History Museum in Frankfurt/M., Germany
University of Osnabrück, Germany

We also cooperate with various institutions worldwide within the context of the common collaboration of botanical collections (exchange and loan of materials for scientific purposes).
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