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Vienna Micro-CT Lab, 3D Digitalization. The device produces 3D high-resolution images from real objects. The spatial resolution depends on object size and ranges between 4-80µm. The machine is one of a few which can handle large objects for micro-computed tomographic studies. Spiral scans are also possible. It is primarily used for the digitization of anthropological samples (fossil and recent material; teeth, skulls, longbones, etc.), geological samples (e.g. drilling cores, rock samples), material samples (e.g. industrial compound materials, archaeological findings), and by our partners for medical research.

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a.o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weber

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Please contact Gerhard Weber (

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

High-resolution 3D scans of different materials and also large objects, anthropological, medical, industrial, archaeological, and geological samples, individually adapted scan protocols

Research activities centre on the evolution, growth and development of humans, their ancestors, and their closest relatives. Main focus is the quantitative analysis and comparison of hominoid skulls and teeth using geometric and biomechanical properties.
a.o.Univ.Prof. Dr. Gerhard Weber
Department für Anthropologie
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