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NMR Varian Inova 500 inkl. Zubehör, Anlage Nr. 30003351 - RF-Konsole Varian Unity Inova 500.
NMR spectrophotometer for structural biology of biological macromolecules

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Georg Kontaxis

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Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

structural biology of biological macromolecules
NMR structure determination,
NMR screening,
NMR technique development
protein NMR,
NMR based structural biology of biological macromolecules
study of biological interactions

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NMR Investigations of the hyperphosphorylated IDP Osteopontin
P – 28937

Structural Dynamics of IDPs probed by Cross-Correlated NMR Spin Relaxation
P – 28359

NMR Spectroscopy of Intrinsically Disordered Protein Complexes
P – 26317

NMR determination of Siderocalin ligand binding properties
P – 22125

Protein Dynamics and Adiabatic Fast Passage NMR Experiments
P – 20549
NMR analysis of the interaction of picornaviral proteinases Lb and 2A with their substrate eukaryotic initiation factor 4GII.
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