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The SeaBat T50-P Echosounder produced by Reson, Teledyne Marine, is a multibeam sonar system for efficient high-resolution bathymetric survey. It can be operated in the frequency range of 190-420 kHz and consists of a sonar head and a portable sonar processor unit, suited for use on a small boat. The system permits the recording of 512 beams, water column visualisation, selectable beam density, and the recording of normalized backscatter information.

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Prof. Timothy Taylor

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Please contact Prof. Timothy Taylor. EMail:

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Large-scale high-resolution archaeological prospection

Prof. Timothy Taylor
VIAS - Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science
The system is being used in the project "ArchPro Oberösterreichische Pfahlbauten".
Please contact Prof. Timothy Taylor.
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute for Archaeological Prospection and Virtual Archaeology
Direktion Kultur, County of Upper Austria