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Short Description

The FEI Tecnai G2 20, a 200 kV TEM is equipped with an Eagle 4k HS camera and can be used for routine applications as well as for tomography of room temperature samples.

Contact Person

Thomas Heuser

Research Services

Visualisation of:
- cells and tissues in 2D and 3D
- molecules, micro-organisms, organelles, small synthetic structures

Sample preparation:
- conventional fixation
- cryo preparation:
--> high pressure freezing (HPF), freeze substitution (FS)
--> Tokuyasu
- immunolabelling
- ultramicrotomy
- correlative microscopy
- negative staining
- rotary shadowing
- chemical or critical point drying
- sputter coating

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The Tecnai is used for:
- Negative staining samples
- Rotary shadowing
- Sections from conventional and HPF/FS preparation
- Single- and dual axis tomography of room temperature samples
- Automated data acquisition

Allocation to Core Facility

Electron Microscopy

Please contact Thomas Heuser (head of the EM Facility) for questions or more information.
Thomas Heuser
Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities (VBCF)
+43 1 796 2324 7120
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