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Short Description

The 200 kV Thermo Scientific Glacios is a cryo-TEM for high-throughput sample screening and fully automated data recording. The Glacios is exclusively used for cryo-EM (single particle and cryo-tomography) and allows insight into the near-native 3D structure of biological samples up to sub-nanometer resolution.

200 kV X-FEG
Autoloader for up to 12 cryo samples
Volta phase-plate
Ceta Camera
Falcon3 Direct Electron Detector
Magnetic field compensation system

Contact Person

Thomas Heuser

Research Services

The Glacios microscope is a 200 kV cryo-transmission electron microscope that is used exclusively for the analysis of cryo-samples. Such samples are typically prepared by plunge freezing and allow to study the 3D structure of biological samples as close to the native state as possible today.

Suitable Samples include:
Molecules (RNA, DNA, proteins, lipids)
Complexes (liposomes, emulsions, synthetic structures)
Parts of Eukaryotic cells

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The Glacios is used exclusively for structural analysis of biological cryo-samples preserved as close to the native state as possible today by techniques such as plunge freezing for example.

It can be used to analyze:
molecules: proteins, lipids, nucleic acids
isolated complexes or organelles
parts of eukaryotic cells

The Glacios is used for:
high-throughput screening of cryo-samples
(automated) high-end data recording using single particle or cryo-electron tomography approaches

Allocation to Core Facility

Electron Microscopy

For questions regarding the Glacios please contact:
Thomas Heuser
VBCF EM Facility
+43 1 796 2324 7120
We offer two modes of access to the Glacios cryo-transmission electron microscope:

Infrastructure Users:
After thorough training infrastructure users can use the Glacios microscope completely independent.

Service Users:
Experienced EM Facility staff will receive samples from users and perform all steps necessary for them: from sample preparation to cryo-electron microscopy to image analysis.