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Short Description

The instrument in vertical theta/theta geometry is mainly used for crystallographic phase analysis of crystalline solid state materials at non-ambient conditions. By default the instrument is equipped with a Si-based position sensitive detector (PSD), PANalytical X'Celerator, and can be runned also with a point detector in combination with vertical Soller collimator (thin film analysis). A focussing optic to monochromatize the primary beam for phase analysis and a parallel beam optics for grazing incidence measurements can be provided. Several sample environment devices can be mounted: Anton Paar high temperature chamber up to 1200°C, inert gas atmosphere, vacuum (HTK 1200); Anton Paar reaction chamber up 900 °C and gas pressures up to 10 bar (HTK 900); Oxford He closed cycle cryostate down to 11 K.

Contact Person

Dr. Klaudia Hradil

Research Services

The X-ray center of the TU Wien (XRC) offers services for X-ray diffraction measurements, phase analysis and stress/texture analysis of crystalline materials mainly for institutes and employees of the TU Wien, respectively. Instituts outside the TU Wien can place an order for analysis within research cooperations with the XRC. On a limited scale also orders from a third part can be accepted.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

In-situ pahse analysis of crystalline solid state materialsw at high oder low temperatures or under gas pressure.

Performing of measurements by external people only possible in exceptional cases. Please contact the X-ray center for more information (
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