DMG MORI Lastertec 30 SLM

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Short Description

LASERTEC SLM for generative manufacturing in the powder bed process.
Generative manufacturing processes or additive manufacturing is a comprehensive term for all processes for the fast and cost-effective production of models, samples, prototypes, tools and end products. This production is carried out directly on the basis of the computer-internal data models (usually transferred via the STL interface) from formless (liquids, gels/pastes, powders, etc.) or form-neutral (strip-shaped, wire-shaped, sheet-shaped) material by means of chemical and/or physical processes. Although shaping processes are often involved, a specific product does not require special tools that have stored the respective geometry of the workpiece (for example, casting moulds).

Technical data:
Max. X-axis travel 300 mm
Max. Travel Y-axis 300 mm
Max. travel Z-axis travel 300 mm
Max. table load Table load 200 kg
Table diameter 300 mm
Table length 300 mm
Table width 300 mm

Contact Person

Claudia Elisabeth Schickling

Research Services

In connection with additive manufacturing, various research services are offered in the fields of product development and engineering, manufacturing technology (incl. process automation) and material sciences.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The entire process chain can be mapped, from the acquisition or creation of the geometry data, the optimisation of production to post-processing. Various materials/alloys can be processed, including aluminium, steel, inconel and titanium.

Allocation to Core Facility

TU Vienna Pilot Factory - Industry 4.0

Senior Scientist Dipl.-Chem. Dr.rer.nat.
Claudia Elisabeth Schickling
E057-03 Fachbereich Pilotfabrik
+43 664 605887041
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