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Short Description

The TU Vienna Pilot Factory is a learning, innovation and demonstration factory for Smart Production and Cyber-Physical Production Systems. Here, new concepts and solutions for multi-variant series production in the discrete manufacturing industry are researched and tested.

The target group is particularly small and medium-sized enterprises. Their needs and fields of interest are surveyed by the participating institutes within the framework of cooperation contacts.

Contact Person

Senior Scientist Dipl.-Chem. Dr.rer.nat. Claudia Elisabeth Schickling

Research Services

The main areas of the TU Wien Pilot Factory Industry 4.0 focuses on the discrete, multi-variant series production up to the production in very small quantities (lot size 1, “high-mix and low-volume”). All aspects of product creation from design to assembly are included in an integrative approach. The topics that are addressed both in research and in training, in the context of demonstration scenarios, are dedicated to current issues from the industry and are intended to represent possible solutions.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

This infrastructure, offers small and medium-sized companies particular low-threshold access to the topics of Industry 4.0. In addition to a wide range of training courses in the academic field and for lifelong learning on the job, the infrastructure is also available for research projects. Large production machines in subtractive and additive metal processing are available here. In addition, there are industrial robots, collaborative robots, automated guided vehicles, and the IT hardware and software required for the automation and digitization of production processes.


Senior Scientist Dipl.-Chem. Dr.rer.nat. Claudia Elisabeth Schickling
E057-03 - Fachbereich Pilotfabrik
+43 664 605887041
Joint, interdisciplinary research and development.

Research and test environment for prototype development of exhibits in research projects
Execution of test and trial series within individually configurable demonstration scenarios
Prototype implementation and evaluation of production, assembly and logistics technologies
Access to experts from different disciplines
Use of existing hardware and software without investment risk
Your production processes are not influenced by test and trial processes
Validation and evaluation of the developed solutions for transfer into your company
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