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Short Description

IoT Labor is a research and education facility envisioned as a sand-boxing environment for experimentation with IoT devices, protocols and other related technologies. IoT Labor is located at two locations at TU Wien, one part at the Cyber Physical Systems Group and the other part at the Distributed Systems Group. It is equipped with furniture certified for laboratory environment. Each workstation is designed to host a number of IoT sensor and actuator devices, Fog devices and measurement equipment. The facilities are used in the capacity of several lectures: Internet of Things, Autonomous Racing Cars, System Programming.

Contact Person

Luka Johannes Sanchez Morales

Research Services

Rapid prototyping of Internet of Things applications from a sensor to a cloud server.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The IoT Labor is a rapid prototyping facility for IoT applications, including sensors, actuators, industrial robots, fog devices and cloud servers. The IoT Labor was implemented in the CPS/IoT Ecosystem project. It offers insight in practical building of CPS/IoT applications and necessary infrastructure.

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