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Short Description

Autonomous Racing Cars is a side-project within a CPS/IoT Ecosystem that stems from the F1-Tenth community. It is an international competition of research institution in racing autonomously driven model cars. The cars are built and programmed by student teams and faced-off with their peers in a series of competitions organized around international scientific conferences. Autonomous Racing Cars contains model cars and necessary equipment for charging batteries, training etc.

Contact Person

Andreas Brandstätter

Research Services

Design and development of vehicles for autonomous racing
Training facilities and equipment
Platform for training and development of AI algorithms for autonomous driving

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The Autonomous Racing Cars project is the first of its kind in Austria. In the first year, students from TU Wien won two awards and one racing competition. The platform offers perfect ground for research and development of autonomous robotic applications. It is a hands-on activity that teaches students both practical skills required to assemble and operate a car, but also theoretical and practical knowledge on building AI algorithms necessary to drive a car in a completely autonomous manner.

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