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The Leica Absolute Tracker AT960 is a laser tracker system for measurement tasks with high accuracy requirements. With the appropriate accessories (T-Probe and Super CatEye), the laser tracker enables the dynamic measurement of the pose of a target (i.e. position and orientation) in Cartesian space. The target can be, for example, an autonomous drone or the end-effector of an industrial robot. Thereby, a measurement accuracy of 30 µm for position and 0.01° for orientation is achieved. The Laser Tracker AT960 enables dynamic measurements with a sampling rate of 1 kHz and is in addition compatible with the real-time interface EtherCAT.

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Univ.Ass. M.Sc. Moien Reyhani

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For the development of algorithms in the field of robotics and autonomous mobility, precise knowledge of the pose of a target (i.e. position and orientation) is required. A current research area deals with the kinematic and dynamic calibration and the absolute accuracy of industrial robots. Furthermore, methods are investigated to improve the path following accuracy of robots, i.e. the accuracy of a robot during motion. In this case, highly dynamic effects in the range of a few tenths of a millimeter can occur.

Univ.Ass. M.Sc. Moien Reyhani
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