FT-IR Spectrometer (InfraRed Bruker Tensor 37)


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Large equipment

Short Description

InfraRed Bruker Tensor 37

Possible Measurements:
Liquid samples
Solid samples

Spectral Range: 7500 to 370 cm-1
Resolution: Better than 0.6 cm-1
Wavenumber Accuracy: Better than 0.01 cm-1 @ 2000 cm-1
Photometric Accuracy: Better than 0.1 % T
Signal to noise (Minimum): 5 Sec: >6000:1 (= <7.2*10-5 AU noise) peak to peak, 4 cm-1
Scan Speed: 5 velocities, 2.2 – 40 Hz (1.4 – 25.5 mm/sec opd)
MIR accessories: Horizontal ATR, multiple bounce
Spectroscopy Software: OPUSTM: easy to use, full GLP compliant, full 21 CFR part 11

Contact Person

DI Daniel Fechtig, PhD

Research Services

Measurement of IR-Spectra and FT-Analysis

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Measurement of an IR-spectrum and analysis of sample components via Fourier transformation

DI Daniel Fechtig, PhD
Head of Functional Surfaces and Nanostructures
07252 885 0
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