liquid chromatography high resolution tandem mass spectrometer - LTQ Orbitrap XL

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Short Description

laboratory device consisting of liquid chromatography and AP-MALDI with coupling to an LTQ Orbitrap XL Tandem mass spectrometer for material characterisation

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Josef Brenner

Research Services

realisation of R&D services in the framework of customer orders or long-term cooperation in (inter-)national research projects

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

advanced analytics of complex mixtures; lubricant analysis; small-molecule analysis; elemental composition; HLPC with additional IV-VIS, CAD (Corona) and high-resolution mass spectrometry; available ionisation techniques: ESI and APC; direct infusion for mass spectrometer is possible (ESI, APCI, AP-MALDI); ideally, determination of exact composition of liquid samples, including chemical structure determination, is possible; determination of fresh and stressed lubricant and additive composition

Josef Brenner
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