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Short Description

The ABOL data base serves several functions:
1. as a work data base for project partners - data can be saved safely during the data generation phase - the partners are also supported in the submission process to the international data platform BOLD.
2. as a data provider for data base partners: ABOL passes on biodiversity data to partners - imainly to BOLD, but also to GBIF, ZoBoDat and the Biodiversity Atlas Austria, but also to local data bases of protected areas etc.
3. as a place of quality Control, before the data is made available to everyone (especially in BOLD)

Contact Person

Nikolaus Szucsich

Research Services

Data provider for numerous open access data bases. The most important of these is BOLD (http://v4.boldsystems.org/), the international DNA barcoding platform, which serves as a kind of "digital, genetic identification key" for plants, animals and fungi.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

DNA barcoding

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Als zentrale Ansprechperson dient der ABOL-Manager (Nikolaus Szucsich), als Ansprechperson für technische Anfragen der ABOL-Datenbank, der ABOL-E-Infrastruktur-Manager (Oliver Macek).
Nikolaus Szucsich
Zentrale Forschungslaboratorien
+43 1 5237302-135
The data itself is Open Access via BOLD, the access to the ABOL data base itself, as a work data base, and its use is possible for ABOL partners on request.
BOLD (Barcode of Life Data Systems) http://v4.boldsystems.org/
GBIF (Global Biodiversity Information Facility)
GBIF Austria
ZOBODAT (Zoologisch-Botanische Datenbank)
Biodiversitäts-Atlas Österreich (https://biodiversityatlas.at/)
AGES - Austrian Agency for Health and Food Safety Ltd.
Wienerwald Biosphere Reserve
Projects can be found on our website at https://www.abol.ac.at/en/abol-project/ .