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Short Description

The main taxidermy laboratory of the 1st Zoological Department is manufacturing and renovating all dry zoological preparations of vertebrates (dermoplasties, skeletons, etc.). Additionally the team is constructing models as well as dioramas.

Contact Person

Robert Illek

Research Services

Devices for maceration (incl. osmosis), degreesing of bones, culture of dermestid beetles (Dermestes ater) since 1980, deep freecing (2 chambers: ca. 0.03 m3 and ca. 1.1 m3), nitrogen chamber (ca. 12m3), cold storage (ca. 40m3; +5 to -18°C)

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Manufacturing techniques to create bellows, skins, mounted or unmounted skeletons. Mazeration, freeze drying, degreasing and several casting techniques.

Allocation to Core Facility

1. Zoologische Abteilung, Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Leiter der Zoologischen Hauptpräparation
Robert Illek
1. Zoologische Abteilung
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