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Core facility (CF)

Short Description

In the Wire-based Additive Manufacturing Laboratory, AIT experts develop design methods for light metal components and parts to ensure safe, environmentally friendly passenger transport in mobility concepts of the future. The lightweight design methods consider, in addition to, the specific properties of light metals, manufacturing methods, also the resulting effects on properties such as residual stresses, distortion, etc.

Contact Person

DI Martin Schnall

Research Services

• Concept development and feasibility studies
• Production of sample components and prototypes via Wire & Arc Additive Manufacturing (WAAM)
• Combined process and material optimisation
• Optimisation of existing WAM processes
• Development of special wires made of light metals for WAM applications and welding technology (e.g. aluminium, magnesium, ...)
• Analysis by numerical methods
• Material characterisation and mechanical component tests

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

In the Additive Manufacturing Laboratory, researchers are developing new methods for 3D printing with light metal alloys. In this process, a 3D component is built up from special wires on the basis of CAD models using the latest torch technologies. The geometry is produced computer-controlled and no shaping tools are required.

DI Martin Schnall
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 50550 6951

Dr. Stephan Ucsnik
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 664 825 1404
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