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Large equipment

Short Description

The extensive laboratory infrastructure enables our experts to analyse materials and their respective process histories in detail and to identify problems in the manufacturing process, e.g. with respect to casting and forming parameters, heat treatment or the input of foreign material.

Contact Person

Helmut Kilian

Research Services

• Preparation and documentation of sections of metallic materials and composite material samples
• Section analysis according to test standard and customer requirements
• Micromechanical analysis (down to individual phases) by means of Vickers microhardness measurement acc. to EN 6507-1
• Quantitative determination of particle and cell sizes acc. to ASTM E112
• Documentation and analysis of samples from forming and heat treatment tests

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Macro- and microscopic microstructure analysis

• Microstructural characterization
• Particle size measurement acc. to ASTM E112
• Microhardness measurement acc. to EN 6507-1
• Topology measurement
• Fracture surface analysis

Allocation to Core Facility

Material Testing and Characterisation

Helmut Kilian
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 50550 6911

DI Clemens Simson
Center for Low-Emission Transport
+43 50550 6930
The use is to be agreed in each case.