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Core facility (CF)

Short Description

The Core Facility Bioinformatics is a service-oriented core facility and offers infrastructre, consultancy, education and services in computational analysis and processing of high throughput DNA sequencing data, involving:

• Transcriptomics: Gene expression analysis
• Genomics: Genome annotation and genetic variants analysis
• Metagenomics: The study of community DNA
• Epigenomics: The study of genome regulation

We also provide mass spectrometry-based data analysis services in:

• Metabolomics: The analysis of small molecules, metabolites, and lipids
• Proteomics: The large-scale study of proteins

Contact Person

Petr Vojta

Research Services

• Data interpretation
• Experiment design consultancy
• Assistance with grant proposals
• Assistance with manuscript writing

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

• Genome assembly and functional annotation
• Consulting on bioinformatics and experimental design of projects
• Data quality processing
• Alignment and assembly of DNA sequencing data
• Genetic variant analysis
• Genomics study of microbial populations
• Differential transcriptome expression
• Analysis of small molecules, metabolites, and lipids
• Implementation of custom workflows for data analysis
• Data mining from publicly available databases