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AIT is a frontrunner in the field of battery storage systems, with key competences ranging from battery cell development to power system integration. The profound expertise is complemented with state-of-the-art battery testing laboratories to support customers throughout the entire procurement process as an independent partner.

Our experts translate the customer’s functional requirements into precise specifications on a component or system level, including:
• Necessary functional requirements to provide the specified functionalities
• Operational parameters and requirements, taking into account all relevant system variables
• Specifications concerning safety aspects and system operation reliability aspects
All requirements are mapped against existing standards to allow the validation of the specifications during acceptance tests.

To validate the defined specifications, AIT offers comprehensive testing, including:
• Factory acceptance testing and witness testing of single components and the complete system using calibrated measurement equipment
• Comprehensive laboratory assessment of performance, aging, safety aspects and environmental influences
• Commissioning witness testing for the validation of system functionality in the field


DI Antony Zegers

Research Services

System design and development for stationary storage at component and system level including simulation and rapid prototyping approaches.

Power Conversion System
• Rapid prototyping of power electronics components using hardware-in-the-loop methods
• Control design and control implementation
• Advanced converter topologies and functions for smart grids
• Converter design and development from concept to product level
• Assessment of converter robustness and reliability

ICT & Controls
• Control design, testing and implementation
• Device interoperability and communication path integration testing
• Field monitoring of controller prototypes

Storage System
• System integration simulation using state-of-the-art grid simulation approaches such as DigSilent PowerFactory, Neplan and others
• Evaluation of component interaction based on laboratory assessment with hardware-in-the-loop approaches

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

• Grid integration testing according to national and international standards:
VDE AR N 4105, VDE 0124-100, VDE 0126-1-1, EN 50438, EN 50549-1/2, BDEW, FGW TR3, CEI0-21 & CEI0-16
• Performance testing according to EN50530 & EN61683
• EMC testing, immunity testing, safety testing and fault analysis of relevant power conversion system components

• ICT interoperability testing (e.g. on SunSpec compliance)
• End-to-end functionality tests from communication interface to power interface
• Integration tests with external third-party devices such as sensors, PV systems & grid operator Gateways

• Comprehensive performance evaluation of the complete storage system including system application
• System integration testing including relevant components and services
• Field test monitoring, data analysis and benchmarking

Zuordnung zur Core Facility

Smart electricity system and technology laboratory (smartEST lab.)

DI Antony Zegers
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LEAFS - Integration von elektrischen Speichersystemen und flexiblen Lasten in aktive Regelungsansätze  für Niederspannungsverteilnetze mit einem hohen Anteil erneuerbarer Erzeuger

Jahr: 2015-2019
Autor/en, à Projektleiter: Johannes Kathan
Auftraggeber und/oder Projektpartner: Siemens AG Österreich, Salzburg NetzNetz, Oberösterreich GmbH, Stromnetz Steiermark GmbH, TU Wien, Energy Economics Group (EEG) Energieinstitut an der Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, Moosmoar Energies OG