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The FEI SEM combines high- and low-voltage ultra-high resolution capabilities with a non-immersion lens design together with a low vacuum mode for charge compensation on non-conductive material. Novel Field Emission Electron Optics optimised for both high current and high resolution meeting all imaging and analysis needs. The system equipped with standard specimen holder with labeled positions and stage mounting, allowing simultaneous loading of 18 standard samples, three 45˚ pre-tilted samples, two row bars and a spring-loaded clamp holder for mounting cross-sections. A high-vacuum secondary electron detector (Everhart-Thornley SED) and low-vacuum SED (LVD), optimized for use across the available kV, current and pressure range.

Trinity detection system for fast imaging, and easy collection of all available signals
High-precision specimen goniometer with 110 mm travel along the x and y axes
A Windows user Interface
Voltage: 200 eV to 30 keV
In-lens detectors and SE detectors
Low-Vacuum SED (LVD) and oil-free pumping system
Integrated current measurement
Automatic aperture system
Electron beam charge neutralizer (LoVac)


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