Nvidia® DGX-1™ Deep Learning System, FluiDyna

Universität Wien

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This machine will support our work on understanding deep learning through parameter space analysis of deep neural network architectures.


Univ.-Prof. Torsten Möller, PhD

Research Services

In the future, the machine will be accessible over a web interface to potential research collaborators. They will be able to run Docker containers on the DGX-1.

Methoden & Expertise zur Forschungsinfrastruktur

The DGX-1 is a supercomputer engineered for deep learning training and AI-accelerated analytics workloads and complements our group's focus on understanding deep learning and visualizing patterns in large data sets to reveal new knowledge and insights.

Univ.-Prof. Torsten Möller, PhD
Forschungsgruppe Visualization and Data Analysis
We are open to new collaboration opportunities. Feel free to contact Prof. Möller.