2. Zoologie Coleoptera Aquatica Sammlung

Natural History Museum Vienna

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Short Description

This is the most important collection of water beetles world-wide.
It comprises about 700.000 mounted specimens, including more than 1.500 primary types (holo-, lecto- and neotypes), which is about 12 % of all primary types currently existing world-wide!

Contact Person

Dr. Manfred Jäch

Research Services

Visiting researchers have access to the collection and library, as well as suitable technical equipment. A stacking photography equipment of the department can also be used. If necessary, curators provide support on nature conservation and educational issues.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Taxonomy is the main focus of this collection

Allocation to Core Facility

2. Zoologische Abteilung (Entomologie), Naturhistorisches Museum Wien

Dr. Manfred Jäch
2. Zoologische Abteilung
+43 1 52177-321
Access to collection and library is possible only after appointment with the curator and during his working hours. A requirement for working in the collection is a basic knowledge about how to handle dry insect specimens.