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Short Description

Nuclear resonance spectrometer for applications of chemical structure elucidation, including small molecules and modern biological applications such as protein structure elucidation, protein interactions, of the analysis of post-translational modifications. The system consists of a superconducting magnet (14 Tesla), 1H/13C/15N/31P quadrupole probe head, sample changer for 24 samples, console (frequency generation, amplifier, lock, gradient unit), Temperature unit (-15 to 60 ° C), Linux Workstation, Ultra stabilized power supply (UPS for 11 min). The system can automatically measure sequentially up to 24 samples (typical for the elucidation of the chemical structure of small molecules) or highly complex experiments for the protein signal assignment and protein structure elucidation, extending over several days or weeks.

Contact Person

Prof. Dr. Chiara Cabrele

Research Services

Preliminary experiments for biomolecules (e.g., "fingerprint" 1H-15N two-dimensional protein spectrum) to determine whether a protein is suitable for NMR binding studies and / or three-dimensional NMR structure determination.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The device is used for the investigation of biological systems such as proteins, peptides and oligosaccharides. The applications range from the structural confirmation of peptides (chemical structure) to the three-dimensional structure determination of proteins.
A focus is the mapping of protein interaction sites with binding partners to the protein sequence as well as the localization of the binding on the ligand side.
Another focus is on the detection of post-translational modifications.
Smaller tasks are the chemical structure elucidation of small molecules, e.g. purified unknown substances, or the confirmation of the identity of substances which were acquired either commercially or from co-operation partners.
Furthermore, the chemically working groups at the University of Salzburg (for example, Prof. Nicola Hüsing, Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials) are supported by routine measurements (one-dimensional 1H and 13C spectra).

Allocation to Core Facility

Chemical and Structural Biology

Prof. Dr. Chiara Cabrele
Fachbereich Biowissenschaften, Schwerpunkt ACBN
0043 662 8044 7240
Please contact us via science.plus@sbg.ac.at, or contact the responsible person for this section, mentioned in the contact field
Department of Biosciences, University of Salzburg
Department of Chemistry and Physics of Materials, University of Salzburg
Wroclaw University of Science and Technology, Poland
Institute of Clinical Biochemistry, Hannover Medical School, Hannover, Germany
Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Regensburg, Germany
Institute of Microbiology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland
International PhD Program "Immunity in Cancer and Allergy"
Thalhamer Josef (Projektleiter), Aberger Fritz, Brandstetter Johann, Duschl Albert, Ferreira Fatima, Gratz Iris, Greil Richard, Hartmann Tanja, Huber Christian, Risch Angela, Wessler Silja

Kofaktor- und Substratabhängige Aktivierung des Gerinnungsfaktors IXa
Brandstetter Johann

Christian Doppler Laboratory for Innovative Tools for the Characterization of Biosimilars
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