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The wood collection of the NHM Vienna, Department of Botany contains about 6500 wood samples or trunk sections of higher plants (ferns and seed plants) from all around the world. Among those are such well known plants as mahogany, ebony or brazilwood (the later having given the name to the country). Numerous samples are also represented by specimens in the phanerogams herbarium. Iconic samples are e.g. the 3 m high grid-like section of a stranger fig or the trunk of the unusual Welwitschia mirabilis from Angola - an object not possible to obtain today, given the species high conservation status and priority.

Contact Person

Dr. Bruno Wallnöfer

Research Services

Plant identification possible upon request.

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Historically the collection was used as reference in authentication of timber, but today is basically used for exhibitions.

Allocation to Core Facility

Department of Botany, Natural History Museum Vienna

Access for scientists during office hours (Mo-Fr, 9-16) subject to agreement