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Short Description

The CatWalk system by Noldus is a high-throughput gait and footprint analysis system for mice and allows for the detection of motor function deficits, the study of regeneration after injury and can also be used in pain studies:

Contact Person

Sylvia Badurek

Research Services

The Preclinical Phenotyping Facility provides the following services:

- Characterisation of behavioral and metabolic phenotypes of mouse mutants and pharmacologically treated mice
- Experimental planning and design of behavioral test batteries
- Access to a wide range of state-of-the-art behavioral+metabolic testing equipment and paradigms
- Consultation service including training, instruction and assistance
- Protocol development for mouse behavioral models
- Data analysis, interpretation, and reporting

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

The CatWalk system by Noldus allows for the detailed, and high-throughput analysis of the gait of footprint pattern of mice as they walk across a glass plate. Light that is directed through the glass plate, gets difracted differently at the points where the mouse steps on the glass plate, and the position and intendity of the foot prints is recorded automatically. This system is widely used for the assessment of motor function of e.g. transgenic mouse models of human motor function diseases, or surgical models of spinal cord injury, traumatic brain injury or stroke and allows for the study of the revovery after different interventions, as well. It is also well-suited for pain studies.

Allocation to Core Facility

Preclinical Phenotyping Facility

Sylvia Badurek
Vienna Biocenter Core Facilities GmbH
+43 (0)1 796 2324 7060
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