Double Spectrometer

JKU - Johannes Kepler University Linz

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Large equipment

Short Description

Double-Spectrometer with focal length in mm 750+750 plus Si CCD Camera

Contact Person

Univ. Prof. Dr. Armando Rastelli

Research Services

- Optical spectroscopy (mainly photoluminescene) in the spectral range 400-1000 nm
- Time-resolved spectroscopy (with time resolution down to 50 ps)
- Photon-correlation measurements

Methods & Expertise for Research Infrastructure

Optical spectroscopy, photon-correlation spectroscopy, time-resolved spectroscopy

Allocation to Core Facility

Zentrum für Halbleiter Nanostrukturen

Upon appointment, for information, see JKU website
Wavelength-tunable sources of entangled photons interfaced with atomic vapours, 2016, Rinaldo Trotta, Javier Martín-Sánchez, Johannes S. Wildmann, Giovanni Piredda, Marcus Reindl, Christian Schimpf, Eugenio Zallo, Sandra Stroj, Johannes Edlinger & Armando Rastelli, Nature Communications 7, 10375